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Contractor Membership Benefits

"Without PHCC, You Stand Alone."

A full contractor membership provides you with all the benefits of local, state and national PHCC associations (website). Get huge discounts on continuing education & specialty classes (calculate the savings). Please click the link below fill out an online application.

Local Chapter Benefits

Texas Chapter Benefits

National Chapter Benefits

Local Chapter Benefits

 Educational & Industry Training Opportunities The Texas chapter provides continuing education for contractors. We offer seminars and training programs in areas such as services and repair, small business management, customer service, time management, employee relations, safety concerns, OSHA code, tax issues, computer software, industry technical trainings, blueprint reading, specialty classes, and more! 
 Monthly Meetings Our monthly meetings allow members to speak to city inspectors, enjoy guest speakers and spend some relaxing time with other members of the trade. This is a very valuable networking opportunity for all members!
 Publications Receive the latest industry news through our monthly newsletter.
 Legislative & Regulatory Relations Make an impact by partaking in legislative and regulatory initiatives
 Industry Relations The PHCC industry relations activities include representing PHCC contractors in broad-based construction and business community groups and coalitions. We are concerned with employment policy, environmental planning, education and construction health & safety.
 Local Code Information/Code Books Keep up with all the statutes and rules with local and state code books.
 Building Relationships Cultivate and maintain strong relationships with local contractor owners & employees, local municipality representatives, plumbing engineers, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers during chapter meetings.
 Professionalism PHCC provides the tools to succeed as a well-trained PHC Professional.
 Industry Representation PHCC protects the plumbing-heating-cooling industry by providing legislative efforts on the local, state and national levels, as well as representation to licensing and governmental agencies. As a member of the Texas Construction Association, we work with all Texas Subcontractor groups on important construction legislative issues.
 Networking One of the most membership benefits is the ability to meet other industry professionals, share ideas and discuss common problems and solutions. Local chapter monthly meetings, the annual state conference and national convention provide excellent networking opportunities.
 Special Events PHCC Texas offers valuable educational and networking opportunities at the Annual Texas Roundup, which also includes new product information from manufacturers and suppliers at the Tabletop Exhibit. Local chapters hold many networking events, including golf tournaments, casino nights, chili cook-offs, and others.
 Programs There are many tangible benefits that offer savings to member companies, such as the Exxon/Mobil fleet gas credit card program, Bank of America Merchant Services, health/liability/workers comp insurance, and many others.

Texas Chapter Benefits

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  1. Reduced Prices on All Education and Training. Continuing education, journeyman and tradesman prep, master prep, OSHA, residential and commercial code training, medical gas, backflow prevention and more.

  2. Representation on PHCC Texas Board of Directors. Contracting members are intricately woven into association operations and are given countless opportunities to be involved.

  3. Representation with the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners and Texas Department of Licensing & Regulations. How is your voice heard with priority state agencies and governing boards?

  4. Apprenticeship School. Exclusively available to PHCC Texas members.

  5. Legislative Representation. PHCC Texas represents your industry at the state and national level.

  6. Insurance. Federated, Aflac, Workers Comp Trust with dividends.

  7. Other Program Benefits. General Motors, the Exxon Fleet Gas Program and Bank of America.

  8. Prepaid Legal/Identify Theft. Protect your company’s good name with qualified professionals who know what they are doing.

  9. Networking. Exchange of information with industry peers and colleagues.

  10. Representation with Local Inspectors. Regularly scheduled local chapter meetings with city inspectors speaking on specific updates and changes.

National Chapter Benefits

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  1. National Knowledge on Industry information and trends, Business Opportunities, Best Practices, Training and much more.

  2. Representation on a National Scale!

  3. National Event involvement.

  4. Resources of all PHCC National

  5. Workforce Development – National Apprenticeship program and Journeyman training (DOL approved)

  6. National Awareness.

To see a tangible benefits and a more detailed analysis of what benefits will be at this level please click here.

Give PHCC-San Antonio a call at 210-824-7422 for more details on benefits listed and more!