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PHCC-San Antonio Department of Labor (DOL) Apprenticeship Program

Benefits to participating in the DOL approved program

A DOL Apprentice certification is required when applying classroom hours towards the Texas State Board Plumbing Examiners (TSBPE) Journeyman license. It is also required for most construction projects utilizing Federal funds. 

Completion of a DOL approved program reduces the TSBPE required OJL (On the Job Learning) hours for an Apprentice applying for the Journeyman exam from 8000 hours to 7500 hours. Completion of a DOL approved program also reduces the TSBPE required waiting time for a Journeyman applying for the Master Plumbing exam from 4 years to 1 year. Upon completion of the 4 year apprenticeship program, all TSBPE required OSHA hours, CODE hours and Continuing ED hours are satisfied for Journeyman testing.

Upon completion of the PHCC-San Antonio DOL program and 7,000 OJL hours the apprentice is eligible to take the Journeyman exam. After 1 year and the completion of 2,000 additional OJL hours, the registered apprentice is eligible to take the Master Plumber exam with the TSBPE.

Licensed Journeyworkers completing the PHCC-San Antonio apprenticeship program will be awarded the following 23 hours of college credit from the Alamo Community Colleges District:

 CNBT 1301  Introduction to Construction Industry
 CNBT 1400  Blue Print Reading
 PFPB 1413  Introduction to the Plumbing Trade
 PFPB 1450  Plumbing and Pipe-fitting Equipment Safety
 PFPB 2409  Residential Construction Plumbing
 PFPB 24336  Commercial Construction and Fixture Setting


Apprentices MUST be sponsored and employed by a current PHCC San Antonio contractor member. 

Plumbing Apprenticeship DOL- Approved Program Requirements

Eligibility for DOL certificate requires successful completion of the following requirements:
  • Four academic years of Instruction (640 hours total)
  • First Aid and OSHA 10 training (provided as part of 640)
  • 8,000 On the Job Learning (OJL) hours in DOL required categories

Additional Requirements

  • Apprentice provides own required hand tools
  • Monthly OJT Hours documented by PHCC member employer and submitted to PHCC-SA

Academic Calendar

  • Classes begin annually in September
  • Classes meet twice a week in the evening from 6-9pm
  • Program classes follow normal college calendar with holidays and summer vacation



  • Contact PHCC-SA at (210) 824 - 7422 for current tuition and fee information


  • Master Licensed Plumbers /St. Philip’s College approved instructors
  • PHCC-SA Contractor Member Master Licensed Plumber volunteer
  • PHCC-SA Associate Member New Technology volunteers

Application Timeline

  • July - Employee application due (to include Employer Acceptance Agreement and DOL Applicant Form)
  • July - August: Applicant interviews with PHCC-SA Apprentice Committe
  • August
    • Test Out Opportunity - Administration of classroom and hands on testing (available only for testing out of Year 1)
    • Apprentices notified of program acceptance
  • September - June: Classroom instruction (160 hours/year)

Documents Required for Application

Please click here to request an application for the upcoming year.
Note the following document requirements:
  • Certified copy: High School Diploma or GED Certificate or other acceptable proof of High School Equivalency
  • Copy of Current Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners Apprentice Registration card
  • Copy of Social Security Card AND Current TX Driver’s License (call 210-824-7422 for information regarding alternate options from the Basic WIA Eligibility Form)
  • Proof of Selective Services Registration

Apprenticeship Program Contact Information

Contact PHCC-SA at (210) 824 - 7422 for details.